Something wonderful happened to me

Ujjwal Gyawali 30 March, 2022

A poem adaptation of an excerpt from Kierkegaard's Either/Or

Søren Kierkegaard (sketch by the author)

To the seventh heaven, I was brought.
In assembly, where be seated all Gods.
“Youth, power, a long life, the prettiest girl?”,
said Mercury, “Choose. But one you must”.

I felt blessed to have been granted a wish,
but also sad for I knew I was at a loss.
“Esteemed contemporaries”, I addressed myself thus…
“May the laughter always be on my side.”

What followed?
A silence…

Not an answer. But to my surprise, all began to laugh.
Hmm...That was the day I learned God had good taste.
For it would have been grave,
to simply answer “It has been granted.”